Social Media Analytics Made SIMPLE

We Implemented AI based Algrothisms to properly Analyse and Grow your Social media Channels.
Review your metrics, plan your content and easily Analyse your Social Channel.
Everything in one place.

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We unifies the data from your web, social networks and online ads in easy-to-understand panels that you can use daily to make better decisions.

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Generate stunning and personalized reports for you, your team or your customers without investing a single minute of your time.

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Generate custom reports on the performance of your hashtags and keywords. Access all the metrics of your hashtags in the Our dashboard.

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  • Monitor the evolution

    Track the evolution of your community on Diffrent Channels with easy-to-understand graphs

  • Analyze your content and maximize potential

    Get to know your subscribers/followers and follow the progress of your channel.

  • Posts, photos and videos

    Check stats about your photos and videos


  • Personalized report with only one click

    Generate stunning reports for you, your team or your customers.

  • Download them with no limits any time

    Review your previous downloaded reports and download them again when you need to.

  • Program them and forget about it

    Schedule periodic reports to be sent to the email address you want.



  • Find quality hashtags in a matter of minutes.

    Drive more impressions, profile views and follows from untapped audiences.

  • Organize, manage and copy hashtags with ease.

    Create a centralized location for your favourite hashtags and access them from any Device.

  • Uncover which hashtags are performing best.

    See where you post ranks on the hashtag feed and receive detailed insights into your performance.

Silent Features


Messages on the go

Check and Reply to Messages on all the platforms the go.


Post Schedule

Let us do the Posting, Just Tell us what and when to post.


Check Engagments

Check Comments and Retweets